“The Father’s Heart: Another Exodus”

I have written a book!  I’m currently in the process of publishing it, and it should be available within a month.  I thought I’d share with you all some information regarding the book.

From the back cover of The Father’s Heart: Another Exodus:

We Have a Problem.

Jesus said that where His Spirit is there is liberty, yet too many believers today are not free. We have embraced Christian belief, but our faith is not working right. The boldness, joy, and liberty of Christ do not yet mark us. Instead, we allow sin and its consequences to define our Christian faith and identity. We strive to reach impossible standards of religious and moral performance, which lead us through endless cycles of religious success and failure.

We are another Israel in bondage, in need of deliverance. We need another exodus.

In The Father’s Heart: Another Exodus, you will…

    • encounter God’s perfect love for you as you explore the Father’s heart

    • be empowered as you embrace your God-breathed identity and purpose in Christ   

    • experience freedom from religion and moral performance as you shed shame and condemnation

In The Father’s Heart: Another Exodus, revisit the cross and allow its good news message of grace to shine as brightly for you today as it did the day Christ was nailed to it. Leave behind the religious baggage you have carried and reclaim the faith that brings life as you embrace the heart of the Father.

Bobby Howard graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in political science. He works on staff at Christian Life Cathedral in Fayetteville, Arkansas. His passion is to share the Father’s heart with youth, young adults, and college students within the Church and community. He loves to drink coffee, do ministry, and call the Hogs.”



“Bobby Howard’s book, The Father’s Heart, takes on some of the complex issues that have held generations of Christians from moving into their promised freedom.  This book is bold and will prove challenging to much of the religious tradition of today, but the work is greatly needed and graciously presented.

‘If we give people a better, more faithful lover, they will eventually leave their sin behind.’

This book could be the gift you’ve been looking for in your personal journey to the Father’s heart.”

—Steve Dixon, Lead Pastor, Christian Life Cathedral, Fayetteville, Arkansas


“Every generation has taken some issue with its predecessors, and rightly so, as the imperfection of people and the Church demand that our institutions be constantly awakened and realigned to God’s original design.  However, few ‘critics’ identify the real fundamental issues, and even fewer give substantial solutions.  Bobby Howard has not only put his finger on the right issues of our ‘religiosity,’ but also gracefully pointed us in the right direction toward our liberty and acceptance in Christ.  This ‘kid’ has done us all a big favor by writing this book!  Read it!”

—Alan Platt, Founder and Leader of Doxa Deo Ministries & the City Changers Movement, Pretoria, South Africa


“I believe that Bobby Howard’s book, The Father’s Heart, carries the message and the cure for an emotionally depleted and fatherless generation.  This book may very well be a classic work written prophetically over a generation, and it may stand as the banner message that leads them into ‘another Exodus.’  Drink deeply.”

—Josh Foliart, Founder of MULTIPLi, Lima, Peru


“Pastors like me need to read books like Bobby Howard’s to gain insight into young adults whose stories are similar to his and to remind us that we need to practice what we preach.  That is, if we believe the Gospel proclamation that the God of Jesus Christ is a God of love, then we should trust that love to work its transforming power through our ministries and not try to do the Holy Spirit’s job of conviction.  Thank you, Bobby, for sharing.”

Rev. Rodney Steele, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Mountain Home, Arkansas


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